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David Sullivan’s Fugitive Emissions at Lawndale Art Center

David Sullivan’s Fugitive Emissions on view at Lawndale Art Center through Friday explores the hidden life of pertochemical production. Through his animated paintings, he addresses the issues of our dependence on oil. Sullivan explores the intertwined relationship between the petrochemical industry and the communities along the gulf coast. Sullivan is inspired by petrochemicals seeping into the lives of Gulf Coast residents through the Mississippi delta. The animated brushstrokes beautifully penetrate each other in these living canvases creating a visceral manifestation of the problems of a self-destructive world. The beauty of the work demands us to find solutions.

Houston Trash Talkin

Geek Bowl 2011 is “The Largest Pub Quiz in the US”.   The Quiz is put together by the funny people at Geeks Who Drink.

Conan meets Buffalo at the Greyhound Station

The Greyhound Station on Main Street, Houston, TX, ca. 1992 as seen on Conan O’Brien.  Check out some other great local tv clips from YouTube in my column this week in Art Attack.

Sitched by Jena Moreno

Houston filmmaker, Jena Moreno, has created Stitched:

Stitched follows three competitive quilters as they race to complete their quilts in time for the nation’s largest quilt show. Who will win Best in Show?

Looking forward to seeing the film! In the meantime. learn more about the film here:

Dominic Walsh Dance Theater rehearsal for Dance Gallery

I had the opportunity to see this lovely performance at the Blaffer Art Museum last night.  Dominic created a dance piece in response to Gabriel Kuri’s Nobody needs to know the price of your Saab. Look for my review on Art Attack next week.

“Over the past decade, Gabriel Kuri has concentrated on making sculptures and collages that zealously rummage through the realm of material consumption. Both his objects and images are often created from the residue of monetary exchanges and the consumed goods that the artist collects on a daily basis. Kuri is a material archivist who extracts visual and linguistic value from the tracking systems, retail supplies, and trivial marketing mechanisms that constitute our daily lives.”

Video Picks of the Week on Art Attack: TeenTube

Houston Studio Pro presents Quince Paseo.

Check out my column this week on Art Attack:  TeenTube.

Mayor Parker accepts Guardian of the Human Spirit Award

On November 2, 2010, the Holocaust Museum Houston presented Mayor Annise Parker with the Guardian of the Human Spirit Award, a platform for acknowledging dedicated Houstonians who have worked to enhance the lives of others and to better humankind. Check out her acceptance speech, which includes her thoughts on the recent rash of suicides by gay teens who had been bullied and her advice to others in similar situations that it gets better.

YouTube and Guggenheim present PLAY

Check out my review of the YouTube Guggenheim Biennial on ArtAttack in the Houston Press.

The YouTube/Guggenheim Play Biennial: Recap Part 2

The YouTube/Guggenheim Play Biennial: Re-cap Part 1

Vid Picks of the Week: The YouTube Play Biennial, Part 2

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Amy Patton at Blaffer Art Museum

Blaffer Art Museum presents Oil by Amy Patton.  Check out my review in the Houston Press’ art blog, Art Attack.

Birth of an Idea

From the Digital Services Department at the University of Houston, we have the Birth of An Idea, a compilation of images and vinyl recording by The University of Houston 1955 Yearbook staff .