Whiplash by Lauren Whitehead

DiverseWorks has a couple of interesting events coming up this weekend.

On Friday, they open “Now that I’m by myself,” she says, “I’m not by myself, which is good” curated by Rachel Cook and featuring works by film artist, Laurel Nakadate, amongst others.

Lauren Whitehead performs Saturday to raise money for MetaFour.

Lauren will be “sharing an excerpt of her full length work Written in Blues that explores the blues and blues singers who can also be called tragic idols – women like Billie Holiday, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner. ”

FABULOUS, you say?  Read on …

“All these women who are trying to heal themselves through song but also have these other pathologies that they’re dealing with,” Whitehead says. “That leads to the question of why would any young woman seek this limelight if what comes with it more often than not is this tragedy. And then trying to piece together what comes first – the tragedy or the song.”