True LGBT Stories – I’m From Houston, TX.

This week, im from driftwood, a site that focuses on the lives of every day gays features Houston Mayor, Annise Parker. Mayor Parker beautifully describes her experiences as a young lesbian and struggling to go on dates. In her trademark honest delivery Parker tells us about being fifteen, falling in love and finding “ways to sneak around and see each other”. They even had an old-school-style long-distance relationship while in college. You know, the kind that cost a fortune before cellphones.

Anyways, Ms. Parker says she would never want to be fifteen again! It was miserably, too many evenings spent “sitting in the dark, staring up at her window – hours and hours at a time..” We agree with her, no, thanks, to all that longing!

Unfortunately, even today, many gays still have to go on double dates to spend time with each other.