Phoenicia Specialty Foods comes to Downtown

I grew up down the street from the original Phoenicia on the west side and am happy to see this local business thriving!

From the YouTube page:

Meet Zohrab Bob Tcholakian and his wife Arpi. They are the founders of Phoenicia Specialty Foods. Their deli and grocery store have long been favorites of Houston foodies craving hard-to-find ingredients and delectable international dishes.

Phoenicia will open a one-of-a-kind 28,000-square-foot international gourmet food market on the ground floor of One Park Place in December of this year. This development simultaneously brings a full-service grocery, an inviting in-store cafe and the city’s favorite shawarma to the heart of downtown Houston. One Park Place is the first newly constructed luxury residential/retail development to be built downtown in several decades and has all the signs of becoming a major “downtown destination.”