The Man Who Couldn’t Save the World

Roky Moon and BOLT give us The Man Who Couldn’t Save the World.

From their MySpace page:

“Put together, Bolt come up with a flamboyant, brash, almost theatrical chunk of ’70s throwback rock, a cross between the boogie parts of the Rocky Horror soundtrack, The White Stripes (particularly the stomping groove of ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Save the World’) and, weirdest of all, Bowie. This is seriously retro-rock crafted by a bunch of guys who sound like they spent their formative years digging through their older brothers’ record collections and loving every second of it.” – Jeremy Hart: SPACECITYROCK.com & FREEPRESSHOUSTON.com

“Bolt is almost a dead ringer for Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie. Watch out for these guys.” – Chris Gray: HOUSTON PRESS

“You guys sound great! It was just like KISS! I think you have a real hit on your hands and I think you should be on MTV! I’ll make a couple calls.” – Daniel Johnston: American songwriting icon