World Premiere: Get Out of the Closet

Rice Media Gallery premiered the new (locally everything) web-comedy, Get Out of the Closet.   Kudos to the production talent of local film company, Zen Films.  The series is FAB-NSFW (fabulously not safe for work)!!!

“In the series pilot, our hostess-with-the-mostest, Natalie “Natty Ice” O’Sullivan and Executive Producer, Mr. Barry Gordon Lightfoot… take on their first “Closet Case”. The target, Brian, seems very comfortable in his own messy but comfy closet. His Mom submitted him for the show and very sincerely wants him to be happy. What’s that s%&t they say about intentions….?”

Get Out! Of The Closet! – Episode 1 “Pilot” from W. Ross Wells on Vimeo.