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Seth Alverson at Art Palace

Artist Seth Alverson has a new show at Art Palace and was recently profiled in the Houston Press.  We are big fans of this modern-day Bosch whose previous work has referenced not only the details of Flemish masters, but their affinity for creating a single work of art from multiple canvases (diptychs).  The brilliance lies in Mr. Alverson giving the idea a modern take, as he explained to the Press:

“I felt sorry for the unwanted paintings in my last exhibition,” writes Alverson. “I decided to make a twin for them so they don’t have to be all alone. I tried to paint them exactly the same. The pictures in this exhibition are the unwanted paintings alongside the twins I made for them.”

We chose this video of Mr. Alverson re-painting the mural at Mary’s along with his friends from Sketch Klubb because, as the article suggests, “Seth says that painting is the only thing that gives him a sense of accomplishment; he doesn’t want to screw that up by making art for the masses.”  Keep it rich, Seth!

Check out the Press’ article here or, even better, go see the show at Art Palace.