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“Pause” The Fiesta Movement Team Houston Film

The guys at Zenfilm keep doing great work.  “Pause” is their entry for the Fiesta Film Festival.

From their site:

The Ford Fiesta Movement Mission 4 film from Team Houston “Pause” presents an unusual twist on romance with sci-fi/fantasy overtones. Pause was filmed in one day by the Zenfilm creative team and features the sights and sounds of America’s 4th largest city set to the music of Houston artists Southern Backtones and Tyagaraja. To vote for this film in the competition simply text “Zenfilm” to 44144 . There will be no spam… we promise. Thanks for your support.

Strike Force – Web Zeroes

While Alex tries to make things right at work, Bobby King and the Hobo cause problems for Techstrogen.

Day In The Life Of Diane – Web Zeroes

Diane needs to study, but Alex heads off to work, leaving her alone with the cast and crew of Techstrogen.