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Art show at Lawndale May 7th 2010

Thanks to everyone who came out for the inaugural Design Fair at Lawndale Art Center this year!

For today’s video, studio resident, Nick Meriwether, has created a not-to-be-topped invitation to Lawndale Artist Studio Program Exhibition opening this weekend. The invitation alone should make you want to go!

Phoenicia Specialty Foods comes to Downtown

I grew up down the street from the original Phoenicia on the west side and am happy to see this local business thriving!

From the YouTube page:

Meet Zohrab Bob Tcholakian and his wife Arpi. They are the founders of Phoenicia Specialty Foods. Their deli and grocery store have long been favorites of Houston foodies craving hard-to-find ingredients and delectable international dishes.

Phoenicia will open a one-of-a-kind 28,000-square-foot international gourmet food market on the ground floor of One Park Place in December of this year. This development simultaneously brings a full-service grocery, an inviting in-store cafe and the city’s favorite shawarma to the heart of downtown Houston. One Park Place is the first newly constructed luxury residential/retail development to be built downtown in several decades and has all the signs of becoming a major “downtown destination.”