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Get Out! of the Closet: Episode 2

Get Out! is BACK! In Episode 2, Natty’s high school boyfriend shows up to give her “support,” while putting away as many booze nips and hot pockets he can get inside his mouth. Meanwhile, this episode’s “Closet Case” has a girlfriend, a truck, and an older brother calling bulls*&t on all of it. All of this plus never-before-seen footage of Natty on The Freedom Trail!

Webzeroes – Triforcers

The guys are trying to assemble Amy, Bobby King, and the Hobo, or the three pieces of the Triforce, in order to fulfill their contracts with Revision3.

Real Men of Genius-Houston Traffic

Real men of genius + Houston traffic = Brilliant!

8th Annual City-Wide Dance Festival

The 8th Annual City-Wide Dance Festival is taking place this weekend.  For more details, check out their site, http://dancehouston.org/.

Rendez-Vous Houston (Part 1 of 6) (HQ) – Jean Michel Jarre

A little Houston history:

April 5th 1986, at 8.15pm, Downtown Houston is aflame. A kilometer long wall of skyscrapers is illuminated by DCA projectors, fireworks and beamed images. Over one and a half million people witnessed for the very first time an entire city in concert.

… Jean Michel Jarre’s commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Houston and Texas, and of the 25th anniversary of NASA, was one of the most spectacular concerts in the history of music.

… Rendez-Vous Houston: A City In Concert gained an entry in the Guiness Book Of Records for having attracted the largest audience ever for an outdoor concert.

… The event is also dedicated to the memory of the astronauts who perished in the Challenger tragedy. One of them, Ron McNair, astronaut and saxophonist, should have interpreted “Ron’s Piece” in space (a title specially composed for him – it was to have become the first musical piece played and recorded in space.)

Web Zeroes, Ep 20: The Negotiator

The guys let Bobby King handle their negotiations with Revision3.

Highlights from the Houston Tango Festival

Highlights from the 2010 Houston Tango Festival.

JFK Film found in Houston

A guy in Houston had this video of John F Kennedy the night before he left for Dallas.

Live From SugarHill Studios – Episode 18

I can’t even tell you how good they were.

Thanks to Zenfilm for having me on the show.

Best of Houston ART CAR Parade 2009

Nothing represents the spirit of Houston better than the annual Art Car Parade going on this weekend.  The parade is put on by the Orange Show.  Check out their site for details.