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Web Zeroes, Ep 14: Going Viral

A new episode of Web Zeroes.

“Now with financial backing and a new lease on life, the guys attempt to go viral with a new scheme: machinima.”

Bari Ziperstein at Art Palace

Artist Bari Ziperstein discusses For Display Purposes Only currently on view at Art Palace, Houston. This is the first video created exclusively for Keep Houston Rich.  I hope you enjoy it!

From an interview with LipstickTracez:

“The works begs the question at what point do the possessions we use to mark our identity and decorate our lives end up becoming a burden? When does our stuff consume us?”

Bill White Wins Nomination for Governor

Former Mayor Bill White won the Democratic primaries for Texas Governor. Check out part 2 of his acceptance speech here. ¬†Congratulations to all of last night’s winners!