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Dollar Store Show Coming To Houston

The Dollar Store Show, a literary event where participants craft a story about an item purchased at a Dollar Store, is coming to Houston. The show is the brainchild of Chicago artist Jonathan Messinger, Abraham Levitan and Zach Dodson. From their site:

‘We wanted to have a night of readings that automatically injected a little humor into the evening, and that forced artists to create something new for that show, rather than putting up work that

IKE Baby Boom in Houston

9 months after Hurricane Ike, we get some good news from the storm – a 25% increase in number of births. Happy Father’s Day to all the new dads!

1976 Skateboarding – Pipeline – Houston,Tx


Apama Mackey Gallery and Keep Houston Rich Visual Stimulus Package

The AMG Visual Stimulus Package is a one-day exhibition of work by artists from Houston, San Antonio and Austin areas. Check out the show during normal gallery hours (11 a.m.-5 p.m.) then join us for this first-come-first-serve buying EXTRAVAGANZA from 6-8 p.m. Friday night (6/19) at Apama Mackey Gallery (628 East 11th Street). Everything costs either $50 or $100.

Artists include:

Casey Arguelles Elaine Bradford
Tim Brown Rene Cruz
Kara Czepiel Bill Davenport
Rodney Winthrop Chinelliott Meredith Cunningham
Marzia Faggin Garland Fielder
Sebastian Forray Give Up
Matthew Glover Woody Golden
Lisa Marie Godfrey Norberto Gomez, Jr.
Tommy Gregory Maria Guzman
Lane Hagood Rachel Hecker
Michael Henderson George Hixson
Allison Hunter I Love You Baby
Rick Illingworth Saba Jawda
Sarah Jawda Jake Jones
Stephanie Martz Michael Meazell
Juan de Dios Mora Aaron Munoz
Alex Nguyen Teresa O

Sarah Jones at TED

Actress Sarah Jones channels different identities for her presentation at the TED Conference. Intelligent comedy about diversity with a global focus pretty much sums up what we are trying to here at KHR. (Not sure how I can jive the Fashion section with that last statement).

Thanks to T for introducing me to this great comedian!

Doucette Duvall


Andres Martinez / Soccer Demo

Houston Soccer Trickster Andres Martinez gives us his Summer 2009 Demo Video. Not only is Andre a talented freestyle footballer, but he is a great filmmaker, having created today’s video.

Sand Animation at MAITRI 2009

The University of Houston

The Ton Tons

TonTons – Dancing from Christopher Patterson on Vimeo.

The Ton Tons are a Houston band that SpaceCityRock described best as being ‘like the bar band playing in some film adaptation of a William Gibson cyberpunk novel set a few decades into the future — mysterious and alluring, but still murky, dirty, and maybe even a little dangerous.’ Check out their website here.

Houston DTV Transition Cutoffs 6/12/09

2 Billion dollars and 2 years in the planning. This is a great clip of Houston history!