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Kristin Linder

We were in for a fortunate surprise when we caught Kristin Linder at the IMPROV in Addison doing a brief Dallas guest spot as she passed through town. This is a funny lady and classy comedian with strong material. Kristin started out with a family trip to Hooters, a perfect match for this crowd. I

President Khator Tier One Video Interview

The University of Houston

Dancing around Houston

Dance Houston asks,’What if everybody stopped what they were doing and just started dancing?’

Check out dancehouston.org for more info.

Houston Pride 2009

This weekend is gay pride. What better way to celebrate than with this Brokeback Mountain meets Star Trek clip. Check out the video-response to this video, Nasa Launches First Gay Astronaut into Space – Montrose Space Center.

Happy Pride, Houston!

Michael Jackson does Motown

It was really tough picking the best Michael video. The dude was VERY talented!

Houstonians react to Jackson

Houstonians react to Michael Jackson

Farrah Fawcett

Yesterday was a strange day for Houstonians:



104 degrees

Annise Parker for Mayor

Annise Parker supporters share why they

Cabaret at Theatre Under the Stars

Given the publicity, Cabaret at Theatre Under the Stars sounds like a winner!

Liza does her Oscar- winning take.

Montrose, Texas

Our favorite neighbor gets a documentary made about it, MONTROSE, TEXAS: THE TRANSFORMATION OF A NEIGHBORHOOD. Video produced by Sunset Productions in association with the Montrose Counseling Center.