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Mavis Staples at Houston International Festival 4-19-09

Mavis Staples performing ‘Down in Mississippi’ at Houston International Festival 4-19-09.

Interview – Helen Lessick at Systems of Sustainability

Artist Helen Lessick discusses her work in the context of sustainability and the inclination of modern artist to reflect their environments. Systems of Sustainability (S.O.S.) aims to find solutions to our biggest global challenges through the arts. SOS Houston looks at creative enterprise as an integral tool for cultural growth and social change. As artist look to their environment to find inspiration, they may help us look at the challenges we face in a new light and in turn lead us on a previously undiscovered path to a solution to said problem. It is very conceptual, but I think that is exactly the point.

Anyhow, Helen is Civic Art + Design Director at the Houston Arts Alliance. I got a chance to see her new show at Barbara Davis Gallery. The show uses the beautiful gallery space to take the viewer to a 3D world reminiscent of Magrite. The exhibition runs through May 16. If you get a chance, I highly recommend seeing the show! Ask about the great take-home item.

Wyld Styl The Edge 2009

Performance by Wyld Styl in Dance Houston

12 Minutes to Heaven: Fate

A segment from the upcoming romantic comedy

EXTRA POST: Susan Boyle: Life Imitates Art

In one of the most amazing examples of life imitating art (see Little Voice), Susan Boyle shows the world her magical voice. Little Voice is a film about a shy girl from England who comes alive on stage through her gift of singing. In this case, Susan shows us how one great show really can change the world. She is the new Edith Pfiaf.

I try to only post videos with a Houston connection, but in light of today

RIP Dale Stewart

We are very saddened by the loss of our friend Dale Stewart. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts.

Houston Traffic by Chase Rees

This is a beautiful video about …… Houston traffic! Yes, you read it correctly, Houston traffic. The video was made by Chase Rees from ThinkBig Productions.

If an artist

Uranium Savages perform Texas @ SXSW

Uranium Savages were reared in good ol

Morrissey signing at Record Rack in Houston Texas 07/29/1992

Morrissey was in Houston over the weekend promoting Years of Refusal. Morrisey has a lot of history here in Houston but I think today

Doug Cottle Open Mic Night at the Laff Stop

Comedian Doug Cottle at open mic night at Laff Stop Houston, TX. Check out his site at www.kotel4.com.