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Devin The Dude ft. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000 – What A Job

Devin The Dude ft. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000 – What A Job.

TLW PSA: Know About It, Spring Break Edition

This is the latest short film from rising YouTube stars, Smooth Few Films. The Leet Word is a webseries written, directed and produced by three guys right here in good old Houston. The character names for each of their webisodes include Westheimer and Montrose. In their latest webisode, TLW PSA: Know About It, Spring Break Edition, we find out everything we ever wanted to know how to make it through Spring Break like a true bro-fessional?

Snuggie: Stupid or awesome?

Kristin Finan from the Chronicle gets us the word on the street about Snuggie, the REVOLUTIONARY blanket with SLEEVES.



Houston has never seen a prouder moment than it

Benjamin Wesley @ the Orange Show

Benjamin Wesley has opened for PUBLIC ENEMY, REDMAN, BUN-B, and GHOSTFACEKILLAH as part of TFT. His first solo effort, Geschichte, dropped at Walter

Mequitta Ahuja – Lawndale Art Center – Artist

Mequitta Ahuja

The Forwarders

Del Monte Films, whose past videos include The Sign Grabber and Dear Mr. Fantasy and the Perfect Human, give us their newest comedy film, The Forwarders. The short film is about a post, post-modern support group for those dealing with the debilitating ailment that is email forwarding. The film is an instant classic. I specially like the Christopher Guest way in which they bring back the same cast members. Keep up the great work guys!



Ambassadors Club 5 Celebration in One

Riyad Taha, Cindy Rose and Nellie Gonzalez host a black-tie event benefitting Search Homeless Services.

However, the real story is the show by fashion

Annise Parker for Houston Mayor

City Controller Annise Parker announces her candidacy for Mayor of Houston.

Check out her web site at:

CORRECTION: Eariler, we posted the wrong link to AnNise