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Web Zeroes, Ep 3: MMO Woes

This is the new webcom featuring Nate, Alex and Rays, whose search for stardom on YouTube has resulted in this Houston-based, hilarious sitcom. This is their first episode.

We previously posted their videos here and will post more videos as the season continues. In this episode, ‘The guys are finally rolling on with production! However, when Ray gets an unexpected offer and Nate and Alex are both having problems with their roles, trouble starts to brew.’

Rockets Clutch airhorns the staff!

For Friday, the first day of spring, we have a hilarious video featuring the Rockets mascot, Clutch, pulling a prank on the staff. Funny stuff.

Green Fling Video Contest

We are happy to announce the American Lung Association

Lindyfest 2009 swings through Houston

Houston Swing Dance Society presented the Great Southwest Lindyfest 2009 over the weekend!

Lindy Hop, America

David Adickes

Someone who has been Keeping Houston Rich for a long time is none other than David Addickes. I first heard about Mr. Addickes when my aunt rented space from him during her ‘I am finding myself’ period and have been a fan of the guy ever since. Check out an interview with him as he was preparing the Obama bust.

Give Up – Regressive Tendencies

Local graffiti artist (NOT graphic designer), Give Up, gives us Regressive Tendencies. Give Up likes to ‘shoot photos then take them to a photocopier and cut and paste them together with scissors and glue sticks then blow up the final product into poster size screen prints and larger. rollers and stencils on the side.’ He also ‘likes the degenerative effect making photocopies has on the original photos.’

Aerosol Warfare hosted his first gallery show. Here is the Give Up MySpace page. Look for his work everywhere you find graffiti. For more videos, click here or here.

KTHT – 1986 Fall Sales Presentation


Change and Explorations:
Molly Gochman at Deborah Colton Gallery

Spring from Molly Gochman opens tonight at Deborah Colton Gallery.

Donde Esta Santa Claus!

He may be considered the 7th-worst president AND he decided to live in Dallas, but he sure did make for some great Letterman moments! To be fair, he was a great governor AND his parent

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu performed over the weekend at the Arena Theatre to promote her newest album, New Amerykah. Sources close to KHR tell us Erykah dedicated a song to one of our favorite socialites local philanthroper, Dr. Carolyn Farb.

Beside being a fellow Texan (Dallas), being BFF with Carolyn and performing at The Arena, Erykah has another Houston connection: she is the inspiration for many of DJ Chicken George