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Rodeo cook off in Houston, TX.

Who will win this year

2009 MLK Parade Houston | Chamillionaire, Trae tha Truth & Peter Brown

Courtesy of Pitch Control TV we have a clip of an unlikely duo at last month

EXTRA POST: Mayor White has too many friends!!!

On Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009 at 11:05 PM, Mayor Bill White hit a 5000-friend limit on Facebook. Somebody call Guiness!

The New York Times had an article last weekend about status updates, Being There, The subtle art of the Facebook update. In it, the author tries to figure out what makes a status update great. Judging by the discussion on his wall by those lucky enough to have made the cut, we may have found a winner! Now, if only we could get Facebook to make it easier to make a fan page.

Go Bill White for Texas, the People

Who Don’t Like Titties?

The guy’s (and gal’s) from the Deadbeat Club are premiering their DVD at the River Oaks theatre tonight. Make sure to go out and support them. Show starts at 8.

For more information visit the site: deadbeatclubtv.com.

museum of unnatural history

This is a video of Elaine Bradford

Houston Rockets Air Clutch in Beware of the Bear

This may be one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while AND it is right here in our own city!

Beyonce Knowles performs with Hugh Jackman at OSCARS 2009

I thought the ceremony was the best in years. LOVED the previous winners congratulating the nominees.

KPRC – 2News Promo with Ernest, Ron Stone and Vern

The number of times I got ‘know what I mean, Vern?’ all thanks to this guy!

Teen handcuffed for wearing skimpy prom dress

I hope she got her refund!

John Gard-Mexican Tomatoe Thieves-Funny Comedians Stand Up Comedy

Houston comedian John Gard is one funny guy. Check out his shows at the Laff Stop or online here.