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Beyonce & Tina Turner at Grammy awards 08

This is turning out to be diva week at KHR. Who better than these two ladies. Tina visited us on October 27 and, I am guessing, you get the other Houston connection.

A Tour of Carolyn Farb’s Home

Flawless. I love ‘La Venadita!’

Peakaboo Theory

Peakaboo Theory won the Houston Press Music Awards ‘Best Experimental/Avant Garde Band’. Watch their other videos here.

Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition, Opening Gala (featuring Lynn Wyatt)

Our favorite socialite, Lynn Wyatt, attends the October, 2008 premiere of the Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition in San Francisco. The woman is flawless no matter the city!

Here are some highlights:

Mrs. Wyatt pronouncing

Welcome to Houston!

Good ol Sai! He follows this great clip with some Katrina jokes here.

Dead End

A man running away from his problems discovers that being alone can be the worst problem of all. Learn more about Bone Dry Films here.

Think Like a Houstonian

The title is a little misleading.

Architect Renzo Piano in Houston

An Architecture tour through video studies of the two Renzo Piano-designed galleries in Houston, Texas: the Menil Museum and the Cy Twombley Gallery.


Dr. John Lienhard is Houston

Robert Frank, Part 1

This video classic about Robert Frank from MFAH originally aired in 1986. The video and the artist have stood the test of time though I think the images have an even stronger effect than they did 20 years ago. The next parts are available here: