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Kiss the Sky Inflatable Suit Performance Lawndale Art Center

Jimmy Kuehnle teamed up with Jimmy Budd to exhibit at Lawndale Art Center. In this video, Jimmy gives us Kiss the Sky. From his site, ‘This piece is an inflatable suit with over 104 inverted cone protrusions jutting out in all directions. the rip-stop nylon suit is inflated by an air blower. For this performance I toured the city in search of electricity so I could stay inflated. Many people lent me electricity along my journey.’

Check out more at www.jimmykuehnle.com.

Vintage Houston Oilers #1 Fight Song

The Oilers Fight Song brings back great memories.

Himalaya Restaurant – Houston, Texas

This is the BEST native Indian cuisine restaurant in Houston. Go try it for yourself to find out the mission statement.

Bill White Announcement for US Senate

Count me in! Here is the website: billwhitefortexas.com.

Hurricane Ike – Bear Visits Galveston

It is great to look back at fond (recent) memories.

Westheimer Block Party Free Press Houston Oct 11 2008

Courtesy of our friends at the Free Press Houston we have this HILLARIOUS film about one of our most beloved (and never-ending) streets! Some people claim to have seen where Westheimer meets Westheimer. I can’t even get my head around the concept.

Houston Oilers Tribute Part 2-Earl Campbell #34

There is another great video about Earl and his mom here.

Rice University: A Campus Tour

Nice video about The Harvard of the South, aka Oxford on the Bayou, aka Rice University. Your choice.

Hip Hop in Review: Part I Hyper-masculinity and Homophobia

This may not be the most popular subject, but nevertheless, it is important. I am glad the dialogue is open. Watch Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes here.

THE COMPAQ STORY – Part 1 of 3 – 1982 to 1983

History was made on Jones Rd. for $2,000!