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ZZ Top – ’My Houston’ TV Spot

Ray Charles said what?

My Houston / Chloe Dao

OMG it

Mike Jones – Drop & Gimme 50 ft. Hurricane Chris

Keep it rich, Mr. Jones!

Article on Graffiti

I spot knittaplease.

Thriller The World Houston 08

Someone told me Austin broke the record for the largest group of people dancing to Thriller.

Sissy (Debra Winger): a Wonderful Cowboy

I hear John Travolta is gay.

The Sugarland Express – Trailer

Goldie Hawn and Sugarland, TX – it doesn’t get much richer than this! And for all of you people who got in a tiff because this is not ’Houston’, I am going by the Greater Houston area definition of the city.
Thanks, Tomas.

The Refuge – Houston Grand Opera

Viva Nicaragua!!!!!!

Reality Bites – Lelaina ultra edited footage

It took me 10 years to realize Wynona was a whiny bitch in this movie. I had a love/hate relationship with her before my epiphany. After the 10 billionth time watching it, it just came to me. I know, I am a little slow sometimes.
Really, people, this movie belongs to Janeane Garaaffeelal2379slo and Ben Stiller. And what kind of name is Lelaina??!!? (Sorry to anyone other than Wynona