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Mango Punch at Traders Village

I gotta include the Punch on KHR. I am latino, afterall. They are HUGE in Laredo!
Ok, I am going to stop justifying this post.
Ok, I am not. It was either this video or one titled,

Now That’s the Right Choice

Genius. I love me some Inside the Lounge! Ernie Menuos watch out, there is a new game in town!

Amy Sillman Contemporary Salon, clip 1

A great gallery. An interesting point by Michael about abstract expressionism. Though, I tend to think abstract expressionism is inherently human because as humans we make mistakes and moments pass. That’s deeper than we need to get on here. Call me.

Aurora Picture Show Snapshot Diary

They have also hosted many birthday parties.

Best of Hip Hop in Houston 2004 – 2006

I don

My Houston


Hakeem Olajuwon block on John Starks – 1994 NBA Finals

The city-wide party for this was the BOMB. I watched sports for a month (not something that happens too often in my life) while this was going on. Man, I loved kicking back with a brewski and watching the game! Good times.

KHOU TV Houston, Texas – Get Ready – Warren Moon

Warren kept it rich until he moved to Tennessee! Gipp is still keeping it rich.

Famous People From Houston (Part 2)

We got some good ones on here: Barbara Mandrell, the always fabulous Miss Loretta Divine (guuuurrrrllll!!!!). Jury is out on Solange.
OK fine, Solange is in. But this is a serious case of nepotism. I am drawing the line on the Duff sisters!

Chamillionaire Feat Slick Rick – Hip-Hop Police (Dirty)

So much D-R-A-M-A!