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1987 Year In Review (KPRC), 1987

Kathy Whitmire, Stock Market Crash, the Pope visits Texas, Baby Jessica, TSU, Bill Clements, The Wortham Center Opening, George R. Brown Convention Center, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan, Astros, Oilers, Rockets. Who knew so much happened when I wasn

Channel 2 News at 10, 1/7/94

I am feeling nostalgic what with the holidays and all. This was Houston 1/7/94. Here are Bill and Linda letting us know about blood shortages, early-day DNA paternity tests! and having someone to snuggle up to. Check out Linda

Houston Astros and Burger King Commercial

There is a strong likelihood that this commercial ‘sold’ me. I bought the burger, the shirts, the cap, the tickets, the uniforms!

KTRK Million Dollar Movie Open, 1991

I could watch Million Dollar Movie promos all day. However, what was the criteria for being a ‘million dollar movie’? Did the movie cost a million bucks to make? And not to get too Seinfeld (though I already did), how do they account for inflation? There is no way Busting cost as much as Staying Alive. Or did it?

Hurricane Ike – A Houstonian Documentary

Roxie made it!! I was thinking about the weather. I know. Part 2 can be seen

Keep Houston Rich Launch Party

Keep Houston Rich Launch Party on November 21, 2008 at Peel Gallery. Thanks to everyone who came out!

David McGee

This is one cool cat. And in my amateur opinion, a fantastic artist!

David Guetta at Houston Bar Rio

I am going to have to make it out to Bar Rio. I would have given this video 5 stars if a) I had been there and b) it was longer. Keep it rich DJ Guetta!

Conversation with Paige Davis

Good ol’ Paige.

Single Ladies Shane

Put a ring on it.