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Grand Master Flash – Museum of Fine Arts Houston – Basquiat

This party was R I D I C U L O U S !!!!! I love that Basquite artist.

Rushmore, Wes Anderson (1998) – Opening scenes

I went to Strake. Wes should have filmed there. Someone would have solved the equation (probably not me though). I love my St. John

Thunderbolt Commercial, 1983

We put the YEEEEHHAAWWWWW back in your motor and transmission! Thanks to a good friend, I recently visited this historic Texas landmark on Harrisburg. Thanks Claudia!

My Houston / Ballet

Houston is second only to New York in theatre seats.

DiverseWorks 25th Anniversary conversation and tour

This is a great place.

Orange Show

Yes, yes, it is a great place and an awesome organization. But, my friend lives across the street and you people who come here with your

Houston Art Car Parade


The Art Guys, redefining art

A Houston institution. Who knows, with a little luck a certain web site may some day be filmed for a certain city-related advertising campaign. Cross your fingers!

SexyAttack MD Anderson Library at the University of Houston

SexyAttack is awesome. I want to experience it live. The reason this is a Highest Rating is not only because I HEART SexyAttack but because the security guard says ‘This is a LIBARY’. That

Texas Sinkhole

Everything about this is awesome.