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Marvin Zindler

Maaarrrrrvvviinnnnn Zindler, Eyewitness News.

SexyATTACK gets busted at Kroger on Montrose

I like how some people just go about their shopping. Next time I am at K Roger

sexyATTACK at Kroger on Westgray

Still not noticing. (If you are reading this post by itself, refer to post 10/30 for clarification).

Famous People From Houston (Part 1)

Is there such a thing as a Houston

Charlie Wilson

R-I-C-H! I would give this 5 stars, except for the quality. Does anyone have this clip with better resolution?

Terms of Endearment

Oh, Jack, the memories!
‘Grown women are prepared for life’s little emergencies.’
RIP Brennan’s

Give My Daughter The Shot!

I wonder how many nurses have had to deal with the

Hyperactive – Mattress Mack

Mr. Mattress Mack is a cultural icon and, I am told, a very rich man who sold a lot of mattresses. I

The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy


Jamie Kennedy : Mattress Mack

Can you believe Jamie Kennedy came to our little neck of the woods? Houstonians ARE famous!