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Doug Cottle Open Mic Night at the Laff Stop

Comedian Doug Cottle at open mic night at Laff Stop Houston, TX. Check out his site at www.kotel4.com.

Who Don’t Like Titties?

The guy’s (and gal’s) from the Deadbeat Club are premiering their DVD at the River Oaks theatre tonight. Make sure to go out and support them. Show starts at 8.

For more information visit the site: deadbeatclubtv.com.

John Gard-Mexican Tomatoe Thieves-Funny Comedians Stand Up Comedy

Houston comedian John Gard is one funny guy. Check out his shows at the Laff Stop or online here.

The 3 Stoogettes: The Job Interview

The ladies of local comedy troupe Boscos give us their version of the Three Stooges. I love the sound effects!

Self Storage: The Pilot Trailer

Victory DiGital Production gives us a story about two brothers that have to find a way to work together at their family-owned self storage facility.

Deadbeat TV Vol. 1 Trailer

I got to see these guys live and they are HILLARIOUS!!!!

Check them out at the Laff Stop, buy their DVD and watch their videos. Very funny guys.

Kingwood is represented on SNL


David Letterman

Welcome home!

The Sign Grabber

Del Monte films is based in Houston, TX. This is a short film about the ‘sign grabber’ to remove those pesky signs that lined the roads before the elections.

Hillary’s Baggage

Happy New Year. Let’s get rid of 2008’s junk. Enjoy the video by Nick Anderson from the Houston Chronicle.

In his latest 3D animation, Houston Chronicle cartoonist Nick Anderson takes a look at the ‘junk’ Hillary Clinton brings to a presidential bid.

Find out more about Nick here.