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Houston’s Funniest Person: John Gard

Congratulations to John Gard for winning Houston’s funniest person contest.

Chase DuRousseau

Last night Chase DuRousseau ended his reign as Houston

Kristin Linder

We were in for a fortunate surprise when we caught Kristin Linder at the IMPROV in Addison doing a brief Dallas guest spot as she passed through town. This is a funny lady and classy comedian with strong material. Kristin started out with a family trip to Hooters, a perfect match for this crowd. I

Conan O

In this clip Conan O

Al B. Performs at Houston

Local comedian Al B gives us his ‘socially conscious dick jokes’ set for the 2009 Houston Funniest Person Contest.

Though he didn

John Paul Green, the new Jason Schwartzman

This is my vote to play Max Fisher in the sequel to Rushmore.

Houston’s Funniest Person

The second round of Houston

Houston, we have a problem!

Jeremiah Davis visits our fair city.

Indian Nipple Song

An Indian song ‘translated’ into English and it all takes place in Houston. Featuring Aishwarya Rai.

Ryan Thauburn

Ryan Thauburn is a stand-up comedian from Houston, TX. He