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Girlstar – 2007

Houston video artist, Jenny Schlief, has an opening at The Joanna this weekend.  I got a chance to hear her talk about her work at Diverseworks over the weekend and am looking forward to seeing her new stuff.  The work draws attention to the fine line between childhood innocence and the reality of adulthood.  On her YouTube page, Jenny writes about Girlstar – 2007, “Spent the night in a hotel and then woke up to perform this video where I jump on the bed singing ‘whatever’ to children’s songs.”

Check out her show at the Joanna this Saturday, October 17th at 6:00PM.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

An avant garde film even today, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari will be on view tonight at Domy Books.  What a great way to kick-off our favorite month!

Italian Expo

The Italian Style Expo takes place this weekend at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  The expo features displays of the best of Italy in categories ranging from dance to cooking.  Today’s video features two pieces that will be featured in the expo:  Dominic Walsh Dance Theatre will perform and Nicola Parente will show pieces from his most recent works.

From the Italian Style Expo site:

“Italian Style Expo is an exhibit for the public to see the excellence of high-quality fashion apparel and luxury design, taste Italy’s world-renowned cuisine & wine, and plan their next Italian vacation with our tourism experts, all while enjoying the cultural entertainment!”

A Blaffer Gallery Interview with Jon Pylypchuk

The Blaffer Gallery gives us an interview with artist Jon Pylypchuk. Jon’s work is on view at the Gallery September 11 – November 14, 2009.

From the Blaffer site:

“Pylypchuk’s exhibition includes sculptures, paintings, and drawings that draw upon the animal world to explore the frailty of human existence and social relationships.”

Gallery Director and exhibition curator Claudia Schmuckli explains Jon’s work:

“Endowed with human attributes, yet endearing in their furry cuteness, Pylypchuk’s animals inspire empathy. Their experiences and struggles speak to the pathetic banality, stubborn determination and relentless optimism that define many of our paths through life, that unfolding tragicomedy of epic proportion.’”

Jon Rafman at Houston Fotofest

Montreal-based artist Jon Rafman presents (link NSFW) Kool-Aid Man in Second Life as part of this year’s Fotofest. Jon will “be” at Boheme in Montrose tonight to take us on a tour of the Second Life.  The event is co-hosted by Spacetaker.

Whiplash by Lauren Whitehead

DiverseWorks has a couple of interesting events coming up this weekend.

On Friday, they open “Now that I’m by myself,” she says, “I’m not by myself, which is good” curated by Rachel Cook and featuring works by film artist, Laurel Nakadate, amongst others.

Lauren Whitehead performs Saturday to raise money for MetaFour.

Lauren will be “sharing an excerpt of her full length work Written in Blues that explores the blues and blues singers who can also be called tragic idols – women like Billie Holiday, Whitney Houston and Tina Turner. ”

FABULOUS, you say?  Read on …

“All these women who are trying to heal themselves through song but also have these other pathologies that they’re dealing with,” Whitehead says. “That leads to the question of why would any young woman seek this limelight if what comes with it more often than not is this tragedy. And then trying to piece together what comes first – the tragedy or the song.”

North Looks South at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

GEGO. anudamientos from BETA studio on Vimeo.

If you have not had the chance to see North Looks South: Building the Latin American Art Collection at the MFAH, you only have a few weeks before it closes on September 27, 2009.

The exhibition “celebrates the museum´s major Latin American art acquisitions since 2001, with more than 80 works in every medium, ranging in date from the 1920s to the present. North Looks South is organized around unexpected juxtapositions between artists”.

One of the artists is the Venzuelan artist, Gego, whose Calder-esque air sculptures have a way of dancing in space with extreme precision.  The artist is the choreographer of this delicate modern world.  The sculptures juxtapose Miguel Angel Rios’ 2008 video installation, White Suit, who shows us a man dancing in white suit with raw meat in front of savage dogs.  Insert comparisons to the Mexican film Amores Perros here.

Finally, Alfredo Jarr’s The Eyes of Gutete Emerita is as haunting as all of the press it has received.

All artist in the show demonstrate passion either for their message, style or viewpoint.  Perhaps this passion is what defines latin american art.

Though all of the pieces are part of the museum’s permanent collection and have been previously displayed in Houston, the exhibition, curated by Mari Carmen Ramírez and Gilbert Vicario, manages to be fresh in its presentation of  modern latin american thought.  At least in my opinion!

If you have seen the show or works before, check it out again.

Brushstrokes of South Texas: The Murals of Daniel Lechon

Houston artist Daniel Lechon is featured in this documentary about murals from Houston PBS.

Henrique Oliveira Tapumes

A parting look at Henrique Oliveira’s Tapumes courtesy of Douglas Britt.

The Art Guys Marry a Plant

The Art Guys marry a plant, I tend to agree with this.