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Seth Alverson at Art Palace

Artist Seth Alverson has a new show at Art Palace and was recently profiled in the Houston Press.  We are big fans of this modern-day Bosch whose previous work has referenced not only the details of Flemish masters, but their affinity for creating a single work of art from multiple canvases (diptychs).  The brilliance lies in Mr. Alverson giving the idea a modern take, as he explained to the Press:

“I felt sorry for the unwanted paintings in my last exhibition,” writes Alverson. “I decided to make a twin for them so they don’t have to be all alone. I tried to paint them exactly the same. The pictures in this exhibition are the unwanted paintings alongside the twins I made for them.”

We chose this video of Mr. Alverson re-painting the mural at Mary’s along with his friends from Sketch Klubb because, as the article suggests, “Seth says that painting is the only thing that gives him a sense of accomplishment; he doesn’t want to screw that up by making art for the masses.”  Keep it rich, Seth!

Check out the Press’ article here or, even better, go see the show at Art Palace.

HGO Presents Frederica von Stade Silver Rose

Last week, I was fortunate enough to see Houston Grand Opera’s final performance of Dead Man Walking. The opera, which debuted in 2000, is based on the book by Nobel Laureate Sister Helen Prejean and tells the story of a nun who develops a pen-pal relationship with a man on death row. It begins with Joseph de Rocher’s killing of two teenagers and ends with his admission of guilt in the final scenes.

Frederica von Stade, the mezzo-soprano who sang the role of Mrs. De Rocher, the murderer’s mother, for whom the role was written, originated it for the world-premiere San Francisco production. The role also became von Stade’s final operatic performance when she performed it in Houston on Sunday, February 6.

In recognition of her stellar career and long association with the company, HGO named her an Honorary Board Member and created the The Silver Rose Award. After the performance, “Flicka,” as she is know to her fans, graciously accepted the award and joked she wished she had worn another dress!

Check out my full post on Art Attack.

David Sullivan’s Fugitive Emissions at Lawndale Art Center

David Sullivan’s Fugitive Emissions on view at Lawndale Art Center through Friday explores the hidden life of pertochemical production. Through his animated paintings, he addresses the issues of our dependence on oil. Sullivan explores the intertwined relationship between the petrochemical industry and the communities along the gulf coast. Sullivan is inspired by petrochemicals seeping into the lives of Gulf Coast residents through the Mississippi delta. The animated brushstrokes beautifully penetrate each other in these living canvases creating a visceral manifestation of the problems of a self-destructive world. The beauty of the work demands us to find solutions.

YouTube and Guggenheim present PLAY

Check out my review of the YouTube Guggenheim Biennial on ArtAttack in the Houston Press.

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Amy Patton at Blaffer Art Museum

Blaffer Art Museum presents Oil by Amy Patton.  Check out my review in the Houston Press’ art blog, Art Attack.

St. Boniface’s Last Days (excerpt) by Peat Duggins

Title: St. Boniface’s Last Days
Length: 8min 22sec
excerpt length: 2min 39 sec
HD video, color, stereo sound

Please contact Art Palace gallery for more information about this video, info@artpalacegallery.com.

Libby Black, If Nothing Else Matters at Peel Gallery

The fabulous Peel Gallery presents Libby Black’s If Nothing Else Matters. Libby is “drawn to source imagery that might have an ambiguous meaning — something beyond the intended message to sell a product or feature a trend.” Even the 1960s lesbian romance novel That Kind of Girl, which Black reproduced directly on canvas, speaks to her as another label which society likes to embrace. The show is on view at the gallery through October 16th.

Hand Made the Impulse in Arts and Craft

A great video from the Contemporary Art Museum Houston’s Hand Made exhibition.

Lady Gaga Liberates Houston Freaks

The Monster Ball took place this weekend in Houston.  Unfortunately, I was not able to go, but believe me, I have done my part in sponsoring the Gaga in her quest to control the universe.  Culture Map and the Houston Press have some great reviews of the show.