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Andres Martinez / Soccer Demo

Houston Soccer Trickster Andres Martinez gives us his Summer 2009 Demo Video. Not only is Andre a talented freestyle footballer, but he is a great filmmaker, having created today’s video.

GO Rockets!! from the Schipul Office

A. Hughes from Shipul, The Web Marketing Company raps about the Rockets vs. Lakers. The fever is on!

Houston Rockets Win 99 to 87; 5th Game on Tuesday

The Rockets kicked some ass last night despite Yao being out for the rest of the season. Shane Battier had a career-high 23 points. However, the story on Sunday night was Aaron Brooks scoring a career-high 34 points! Game 5 is on Tuesday in LA.

Check out this great video from 1994 during the city

Mascot Bloopers featuring Clutch the Bear

Another proud moment for Houston!

CLUTCH Goes Green at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

Look who else has gone green!

Rockets Clutch airhorns the staff!

For Friday, the first day of spring, we have a hilarious video featuring the Rockets mascot, Clutch, pulling a prank on the staff. Funny stuff.

Strake Jesuit Basketball 08-09 Highlights

The Crusaders basketball team moved their season record to 34-0.

Houston Rockets Air Clutch in Beware of the Bear

This may be one of the funniest videos I have seen in a while AND it is right here in our own city!

Proposal Fail

This video was recommended by Phillip. The funny part is that the announcer calls it before it happens. If you have a video to share, send em to videos@keephoustonrich.com.

Hakeem Mix (Chris Walker Version)

Hakeem Olajuwon remixed by Chris Walker