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Houston Pride 2009

This weekend is gay pride. What better way to celebrate than with this Brokeback Mountain meets Star Trek clip. Check out the video-response to this video, Nasa Launches First Gay Astronaut into Space – Montrose Space Center.

Happy Pride, Houston!

Annise Parker for Mayor

Annise Parker supporters share why they

Annise Parker for Houston Mayor

City Controller Annise Parker announces her candidacy for Mayor of Houston.

Check out her web site at: www.anNiseparker.com

CORRECTION: Eariler, we posted the wrong link to AnNise

Obama Inauguration Neighborhood Inaugural Ball featuring Beyonce

Beyonce performs ‘At Last’ while Michelle and Barack Obama enjoy their first dance during the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball.

Barack Obama Mural: time lapse video

The President Obama Mural, inspired by Shepard Fairey’s design, on the side of Kross the Street at The Breakfast Klub.

Houston Black’s Find Hope in Obama’s Victory

This video was originally posted after the election. The day is finally here!

David Letterman

Welcome home!

The Sign Grabber

Del Monte films is based in Houston, TX. This is a short film about the ‘sign grabber’ to remove those pesky signs that lined the roads before the elections.

Bill White Announcement for US Senate

Count me in! Here is the website: billwhitefortexas.com.