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New Living Video Contest Entry

New Living, the Green Building + Home Store wants to make the green movement accessible. Their products help create cleaner homes, healthier neighborhoods and a better community.

In today

Juan Sebastian del Cano

This year the Houston Consular Forum is celebrating Spain. Throughout the year, there will be events celebrating Spanish culture culminating in the Consular Ball this October.

To get the activities started, the Spanish ship Juan Sebasti


Back in 2004, Metro

Houston you have a problem?


George R Brown Goes Green!

As we get ready for the 02 Society

Green Fling Video Contest

We are happy to announce the American Lung Association

Snuggie: Stupid or awesome?

Kristin Finan from the Chronicle gets us the word on the street about Snuggie, the REVOLUTIONARY blanket with SLEEVES.


Ambassadors Club 5 Celebration in One

Riyad Taha, Cindy Rose and Nellie Gonzalez host a black-tie event benefitting Search Homeless Services.

However, the real story is the show by fashion

EXTRA POST: Mayor White has too many friends!!!

On Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009 at 11:05 PM, Mayor Bill White hit a 5000-friend limit on Facebook. Somebody call Guiness!

The New York Times had an article last weekend about status updates, Being There, The subtle art of the Facebook update. In it, the author tries to figure out what makes a status update great. Judging by the discussion on his wall by those lucky enough to have made the cut, we may have found a winner! Now, if only we could get Facebook to make it easier to make a fan page.

Go Bill White for Texas, the People

KPRC – 2News Promo with Ernest, Ron Stone and Vern

The number of times I got ‘know what I mean, Vern?’ all thanks to this guy!