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The Juan and Only

For more about him, visit Houstonia.

METRORail Wrap Time Lapse

A great video from METRO about the new STOP. THINK. campaign aimed at teaching drivers to stop and think about it. Red lights, that is.

Annise Parker Elected Mayor of Houston

Congratulations to Annise Parker on being the FIRST RICE UNIVERSITY GRAD to become Mayor of Houston!!!!

Bill White Announces bid for Texas Governor

Bill White Announces bid for Texas Governor.

Houston Greeters

“Ted Bowen hosts a special segment of Entertainment Houston of the Houston Greeters, offering you a unique insight into Houston through the eyes and hearts of our residents. Local volunteers act as hosts for two-to-four hour visits to the destination or for the activity of your choice. Whether you want to learn more about the museums, attend an Astros game, experience nightlife or take a neighborhood stroll, we have a host for you! Our volunteers are not just passionate about Houston; they are also passionate about your interest.”

Montrose, 10 great neighborhoods

Our favorite neighborhood was named one of the 10 greatest neighborhoods in the US by the American Planning Association.

Beyonce sings to girl

First there was her birthday, then the VMAs and, now, this. ¬†Beyonce is on her way to being named the new “Queen of Hearts”.

RIP Patrick Swayze

Another Houston Legend bites the dust. That makes three (Farah, Walter). Enough.

From CNN.com:

“Patrick Wayne Swayze was born on August 18, 1952, in Houston, Texas. His father was an engineering draftsman; his mother was a ballet dancer and later the director of the Houston Ballet Dance Company.

She led her son into the dancing world, which wasn’t always easy for a Texas male. Indeed, the young Swayze played football, practiced martial arts and was an accomplished diver and track star while growing up, though he was good enough at dance to earn a college scholarship.

After an early professional job playing Prince Charming in an early ’70s version of “Disney on Ice,” Swayze returned to Houston, where he met Lisa Niemi, a student of his mother’s. The two were married in 1975 and moved to New York to pursue their careers.”

And the rest, is history.

RIP Walter Cronkite – MLK

The late Houstonian Walter Cronkite in one of his most historic broadcasts.

RIP Walter Cronkite – JFK

Legendary Houstonian, Walter Cronkite, passed today. ¬†Today’s video is of one of his most memorable broadcasts.